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Apps I Like: Glitch Wizard (NSFW?)

I only take my time with apps I like. I like this app Glitch Wizard. It's a photo editing app that turns your photos into trippy glitched-out gifs! Get the app now!

Glitch! Android App Create real digital glitches to add that "nerd" touch to your pictures! This application is ...

BigBestApps - Glitch Zoo - DataBender

Full review here: No don't adjust your screen this video is broken on purpose. This is a short ...

iOS Music App Glitch?

Tried to play the music I bought off iTunes and the app start acting stupid like this.. Only happens to this album.. Anyone got the same problem? Re-snyc the ...

Hardcore Digital Glitch Art

Digital art with android apps Sketchbook, Glitch!, and Picsart. Music made with Caustic 3 android app.

Glitche for Video Test

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